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Trained by the Advanced Permanent Cosmetics Academy, Akisha Jenee is a master eyebrow artist who specializes in Lip Blush, Microblading and Ombréshading.
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Meet Akisha Jenee

Akisha Jenee is passionate about her art and views each eyebrow and lip treatment as a live masterpiece. As a perfectionist by nature, she has a keen eye for design and passion for enhancing natural beauty using subtle definition, custom cosmetic artistry, permanent makeup techniques, and color theory. Properly shaped eyebrows and lips will frame your face, create a more youthful appearance and take a ton of time off of your hands in the morning.

Akisha Jenee is a licensed Permanent Makeup Artist, certified Microblading Artist, certified Ombré Eyebrow Artist and certified Lip Blush Artist. After graduating from the Temple University with a Bachelor's Degree in English, Akisha Jenee was inspired by the Entrepreneurship courses that encouraged her to open a small business.

Akisha Jenee also ensures that each client experiences quality customer service throughout the entire treatment process. As a client, you are part of the entire treatment process and we do not move forward with any treatment until you approve the drawing of your new brow shape! Akisha has a goal of ensuring that each client's experience is nothing less than exceptional!