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Lash Lifting – A Lash Lift is a semi-permanent (4-6 weeks) curling treatment that gives your natural lashes – and your eyes --- a more youthful and lifted look. Ask about our Lash Serum! They’re perfect for those who want celebrity glamour but are not quite ready for eyelash extensions.
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Lash Lift


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Natural Mascara Look


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A deep clean shampoo that gives your lashes squeaky cleanliness. Our Sterile Eyelid Lash Cleanser will completely remove all dirt and kill lash bacteria. We will recommend this option if your lashes still have a lot of makeup residue that prevents us from giving quality service.

How to take care of your lashes.

The longevity of your lashes depends on how well you take care.
We will discuss your aftercare after your first initial visit with us.

Lash Removal

$20 - $30

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Lash Shampoo


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