Lip Blush

Here at Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee, we offer the latest trend in permanent cosmetics application with our lip blushing services. In recent times people have slowly drifted away from tattooed lip liner to lip blush procedures which results in your lips having a more plump and lively look.

Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee’s lip enhancement services will have you looking like a brand-new woman with a brand-new look. Akisha Jenee guarantees the best outcome with the utmost care during your session. For more information on our lip blushing services, please contact Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee today!

Benefits of Lip Blush

-Lip Definition 

-Improved symmetry

-Great option for loss of color due to aging

-Great option for dark lips due to smoking

-Improved thin lips

-Correct ashy lip color

-Low maintenance – you still have subtle blush color even without lipstick

-Lipstick stays better on permanent makeup lips

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Lip Blush

Semi-Permanent Lip Procedures are Hollywood’s secret to fuller and more luscious lips.

Get perfectly symmetric smudge proof lips with this new technique.  Lip Blush is the newest and most elegant lip treatment which creates a lip color and improved contour with no visible lip line!

We have the best lip pigments which allow us to create beautiful and lasting lip effects that will be translucent and non-drying on the lips.

One Permanent Lip Blush Service Including UNLIMITED Touchups for one year:  $500 For A Limited Time with Unlimited Touch ups for One Year, (Regular Price $799)

The Permanent Lip Blush compliments your natural lip color. The idea is to restore color and keep the lip’s edge or vermillion border soft. This will give the lips a fuller, softer appearance without a harsh lip liner look.

The lip blush can be compared to applying a gloss or lipstick in the center of your lips and then moving your lips around to spread the color. We do not only focus on lining the edge of the lips just to give the lips a splash of color, we give color to the full lips

The Lip Blush procedure is a beautiful color restoration for the lip. Add a little gloss and go!


If you have had cold sores or ever had one, you will need an antiviral prescription from your doctor before getting lip procedure. Cold sores happen anytime when there is stress to the lips. Taking the medication will help to suppress the cold sores. Physicians may instruct to take it 2 days before.

If you like to get lip filler, it is better to do after your permanent makeup lips procedure or, you must wait for 1 month for the filler to completely settle.

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Lip Blush


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